RocketNumberNine (free download)

You Reflect Me

The two brothers, Benjamin and Thomas Page, that form RocketNumberNine have been improvising for the past eight years as well as playing in other bands such as Rothko, Elite Barbarian and The Sleeping Years and their influences are rooted in jazz and electronic music. Fresh from an acclaimed UK tour supporting Four Tet (with Nathan Fake and Pantha Du Prince) last March, today they have out a digital 12” on Four Tet / Kieran Hebden own record label, Text Records ( physical 12″ will be out in october). And be sure to check the upcoming live dates on their website, they’re going to tour again with Four Tet in november and they will play few shows with Caribou and James Holden.
Here‘s a preview of Matthew and Toby, a recording dedicated to jazzist drummer Steve Reid, passed away on April 13, 2010.

Le Butcherettes (free download)

<a href="">Henry Don't Got Love (Single) by Le Butcherettes</a>

Maps & Transit (free download)

Songs for divining

The last few days of summer have arrived and as a perfect bridge between the warm summer nights and the cozier autumn evenings, Maps & Transit offer us a beautiful album filled with sunlight and nostalgia.
On ' songs for divining ' Kyle Dawkins & Julie Phillips masterly concocted an evoking sense of travelling. From track to track, their american folk and experimental electronica bring us from the 50s south-american bayoos to simple, fragile polaroids of obscure forests.


Maps & Transit - Songs for divining by Camomille

Villa Venus (free download)

<a href="">Villa Venus by Villa Venus</a>

SLARAFFENKLANG (free download)

Efterklang + Slaraffenland free download

PrinserVikinger Ep (Live)

So far 2010 has been a great year for Slaraffenland´s and Efterklang’s mutant-band SlaraffenKLANG and today we can reveal another highlight! The release of their new free live EP entitled PRINSER & VIKINGER Live at the Royal Danish Playhouse. The new EP is available for free and holds 5 songs all recorded at January 24th 2010 when SlaraffenKLANG guested the Royal Danish Playhouse in Copenhagen.
SlaraffenKLANG don´t write their own songs. They don´t even have a website or Facebook page. They have absolutely no career ambitions. Why should you even care? Because it is nothing but music and the joy of it and it is here for you to download - if you want to! and for free!


Trent Reznor and the Atticus Ross (free download)

The Social Network soundtrack will be released digitally on Tuesday September 28th with physical formats to follow in October. You can pre-order standard CD, Blu-ray (audio only 5.1 surround and high resolution stereo) and 2 disc 180g vinyl formats now. All preorders include an instant 5 song sampler download and a full digital album delivered by email on 9/28. Standalone digital will be available for purchase EXCLUSIVELY on Amazon MP3 at a promotional rate of $2.99 for a 48 hour period starting 12:01am PT on 9/28. Digital purchases will begin here 9/30 at 12:01am PT.

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - Live (free download)

Casiostone for the Painfully Alone (live 9/11/2010 @ Hi-Dive)

As previously noted, Owen Ashworth is on his last U.S tour ever as Casiotone for the Painfully Alone. He stopped in Denver last night to serve up one more helping of tunes awash in disappointment, desolation, aspiration, and love. While a little light on early albums (only one song each from Twinkle Echo and Pocket Symphonies), CFTPA nevertheless covered the breadth of a 13 year catalog. Two rare covers also emerged, Christmas in Oakland and John Prine’s Christmas in Prison. Australian trio Otouto backed Owen for most of the show, and also opened with a set of their own material.


Warpaint (free download)

99 Posse (free download)

99 Posse free download

Antifa (singolo)

e rilancia i temi del disagio sociale, indirizzando rime militanti contro il regime «delle loro libertà». D'altronde, annunciando il ritorno, Zulù aveva spiegato come «in un'Italia così non era possibile restare a guardare». E non è solo problema di picchiatori. Il grande pericolo per i 99 Posse «sono i fascisti perbene, una classe intellettuale che fa sì che un quotidiano possa titolare Israele ha fatto bene a sparare, il controllo dell'informazione che trasforma l'italiano medio da "brava gente" a essere meschino». «Volevamo ridare un megafono a chi non riesce a farsi ascoltare. E i numeri ci hanno dato ragione», conclude Zulù

Bell x1 (free download)

Band email


Gli Allenatori (free download)

Multi-panel (free download)

Train times for sway

Ludo Maas recorded this definitive folktronica album back in 2004 under his solo project Multi-Panel. Train Times for Sway was set for release sometime in 2005, but due to uncontrollable circumstances, the album remained lost to our ears and hidden in the vaults these past five years. For those familiar with Multi-Panel's Door EP, this album will be like coming home after a hard day's work. Electronic rhythms mix into hushed vocals and guitar, while lush synth swells cultivate richness and depth. Adding to the album's landscape, Ludo enlists singer Pien Feith to help out with vocal duties, crafting some lovely duet moments that crop up like a cool breeze on a hot summer day. Throughout the many layers of textures, Train Times remains intimately sparse. Many of the tracks are Ludo with a guitar, only using voice and electronics to decorative effect, flowing quietly into the next piece. Multi-Panel's long awaited second album has finally seen the light of day, and it is worth the wait!


Eels (free download)

Talvihorros (free download)

Some Ambulance by Talvihorros

Talvihorros is Ben Chatwin, an experimental composer from London, exploring the possibilities of the guitar. His compositions venture into the fields of ambient, modern classical, drone, post-rock and folk but dont fall into the cliches associated with any of these genres. The Blue Cathedral is an elegant and dreamy piece from his last album, Some Ambulance, meanwhile the Twin Peaks Theme is a non-CC licensed gift, a cover of the theme tune from David Lynch’s brilliant TV series, originally by Angelo Badalamenti. Fans of Fennesz, Labradford and Tim Hecker, do not miss this.


MRC Riddims (free download)

Born Ready (featuring John Morrison) by MRC Riddims

MRC Riddims is the production/DJ team of Oktopus (dalek) and Merc (from Ifwhen & All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors). - Two lifelong experimental guys now making music for the newest of dance floors. Influences from Jamaica to dub-step to the dirty south to Flying Lotus. They don't care about replicating or fitting into any one genre. They're based in NYC and Berlin, one in each city. Its all about there own styled grooves and textures - whether its remixes, straight hip-hop, cut-ups, riddims or straight dance tracks, they've got their own thing going and its very undeniably MRC.

Metric (free download)

No Strings Left (free download)

Arnack (free downlaod)

Twelve Days Of Fitness (free download)

<a href="">Ambient Nite #01 by Twelve Days Of Fitness</a>

Radiohead DVD Praga (free download)

Me for rent (free download)


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