Confield (free download)

Night Bus Lovers by CONFIELD

L’Ep Confield 2010 (autoprodotto) contenente 5 delle loro canzoni è stato registrato e missato da Valerio Fisik all’Hombre Lobo di Roma, masterizzato da Steve Fallone agli Sterling Sound Studios di New York e sarà disponibile dall’ 8 maggio 2010, data in cui apriranno le danze per Alex Kapranos (Franz Ferdinand) al Brancaleone (Roma). Il loro singolo sarà in uscita (esclusivamente in vinile) a Dicembre 2010 per la neonata Keep It Yours records.


Daphne Cronica (free download)

daphne cronica free download anti rockstar lobby

Anti Rockstar Lobby è il nuovo album/progetto dei Daphne Cronica.
Terzo disco della band che, nonostante si arrichisca di nuovi elementi sonori, rimane comunque legato al sound che li caratterizza. Prodotto da Daphne Cronica e Marco Ricci.

Daphne Cronica - Anti Rockstar Lobby by ⇩Yo[U-Turn]

Blake /e/e/e (free download)

Electric Sea Spider (free download)

Mohican Beats is a long time coming, but it’s finally here. Electric Sea Spider returns for the first time since 2009′s The Theif. Mohican Beats is a beat tape made up of found sounds and samples – spastic, if sloppy, beats. And though ESS is sounding more hip-hop than ever, his ambient roots are still present.This release features guests Disturbed Individuals and Jamil Kelley, a remix by Gorque, and album art by Cassandra M. Wesley.

Pixies - Live Show (free download)

LIVE show recordings spanning the band's full career. Released weekly. See the complete list thus far...

Paul Beauchamp (free download)

Sala B is a musical project inspired by a recent near-death experience I had consisting of several weeks in intensive care, two operations and thirty months of therapy. The doctors and physicians all considered my condition terminal and have said that is a miracle that I survived.
Sala B is divided into three segments published individually on EPs, each symbolizing the three majors aspects of the experience. Intervention is the is the second ep, representing the event of the intervention.

Girls (free download)

Weezer (cover “Un-break My Heart”) Free download

m.e. (free download)

Röyksopp (free dowmload)

Miss Violetta Beauregarde (free download)

Evenings (free downlaod)

North Dorm (Ep)

I could swear I've tried to write about
Evenings on more than one occasion, but got side-tracked by something, not that Evenings are forgettable, they're not at all. In fact under the mountain of forgetability that is chillwave, glo-fi, bliptronica etc Evenings are an act that stand next to the Toro Y Moi's and Washed Out's.
North Dorm EP is available to listen on bandcamp or download for free via a link on bandcamp because as Nathan from Evenings says 'bandcamp has recently become evil'.


Andrew Bird (free download)

The Age of Rocket (free download)

<a href="">Hannah 2008 LP - Free by The Age of Rockets</a>

The Taxpayers (free download)


Out of Portland come a band that is equally poppy as they are noisy, explosive as they are muted, fun as they are fucking serious. A Rhythm in the Cages sounds like a party on fire. Everyone's about to die, but at least we're all laughin' about it. Or at least kinda. Recommended if you're into anything.

Label: Quoteunquoterecords

Jam's (free downlaod)

Homeless Soul

Jonathan is looking into your deep thoughts. Crystalline sounds and delicate compositions. Your "Homeless Soul" is there. Stars are shining. You're thinking. He is waiting. Looking into the darkest sides of what? Discover. This album is a journey into the most introspective Jam's soul. This will place you where you would like to be. Every time. Where would you like to be? Discovering. Landscapes for introspective journeys. Deep atmospheres.
Our favourite song? "Deliciae Nocturne". Jam's evolves. We love Jam's.


Com Truise (free download)

Rebery (free download)

<a href="">Rebery by Rebery</a>

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Bassnectar (free download) Massive Attack

Penelope Sulla Luna - My Little Empire (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Cristio (free download)

Adult Taste

A concept album about the beginning and the ending of summertime in ancient Rome, with a couple of rainy days, but not enough to give up a nice ride on a chariot. The time for buying cumanae and clay tablets for the new academic year comes at last, and sadness prevails.An album worth playing on the beach or secretly between school desks.
Recommended to surfers.


The Twilight Singers - feat Ani Di Franco (free download)

Rumor Cubes (free download)

<a href="">We Have Sound Houses Also by Rumour Cubes</a>

White Denim (free download)


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