Juanjo Palacios - Rambleña (FREE DOWNLOAD)

"This composition is part of an audio-visual work done wth LxLxL comissioned by "Aptitudes 2012" in collaboration with the Ceramic Craftsmen Association of La Rambla, Cordoba (Spain). Arranged and composed between Sptember 2012 and March 2013". (Words from Audiotalaia).

Netlabel: Audiotalaia

Sleep Orchestra​ - Endless Forms (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Sleep Orchestra is UK based sound producer and experimentalist Christopher Pegg. Chris has studied music technology at College and University level for over 5 years and holds a BA(Hons) in Popular Music Production as well as an FdSc and BTEC National Diploma in Music Technology. His interest in experimental and minimalist music started back in 2007 when he first heard music from the likes of Murcof and Biosphere. After a number of years of studies and sample collecting, Chris has produced a number of what he calls "mini-projects" that have ranged from the minimal techno and extreme glitch productions to the more ambient styles such as this, his latest mini-project, Sleep Orchestra.

Netlabelmanyfeetunder/homemade label

Purl - From Nothingness (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Post Global Recordings is a netlabel Macedonian, a new platform for music and sound focused on ambient, drone, field recordings, post classical and other similar aesthetic forms. Purl is their 5th release...

NetlabelPost Global Recordings

Volcano radar – Refutation of time (FREE DOWNLOAD)

"The title given to the music improvised in this session comes from an essay by jorge luis borges: new refutation of time. just as george berkeley denies that there is an object existing independently of our perception of it, and david hume denies that there is a subject apart from a mere recollection of sensations, borges tries to demonstrate that there is no time. he proceeds on the assumption that if “man” is reduced to a collection of sensations, a single repeated perception, either in one man’s life or in the experience of two different men, suffices to prove that time is a fallacy, since this repetition will destroy its linear sequence. paradoxically, borges closes the essay by refuting his refutation: “the world, unfortunately, is real; i, unfortunately, am borges.” (Words from pyr075).

Netlabel: pan y rosas discos

Telegraphy – Kurz Above (FREE DOWNLOAD)

"The twelfth release of ionosonde recordings is all about dub techno on a micro scale. Analog synthesizers were used in this album which explored the sonic wonders of the super high frequency (SHF) electromagnetic band where radars listen intently. This frequency range goes by the name "the Ka band" or Kurz-above" (words from Ionosonde).

Netlabel: Ionosonde

The Electric Poet - Hell Bound (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Netlabel: Picpack

Fedepiano - Full Of Ligh! (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Finalmente Falerna, consorella delle blasonate LavernaGalavenra ed AlchEmistica, netlabel tra le più riconosciute del panorama nazionale ed internazionale, vede la luce, e la luce è luce piena, la luce di Fedepiano col suo EP Full Of Ligh

Netlabel: Falerna

Yusaku Harada - 2011 (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Yusaku Harada belongs to those experimental musicians who have found 'their own sound' or rather certain pivot for strengthening their musical compositions.As a result we have wonderful music for deep thinking and recollections, unmistakable and minimal style, shaped with subtle glitches, sophisticated electroacoustic experiments, click’n'cuts, abstract atmospheres and melancholic jolts..." (words from MIMI netlabel)

Netlabel: MiMi

sp3ct3rs - Their bones shall mark our way (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Sp3ct3rs has been creating worlds in one form or another from an early age. After a long creative dry spell he found himself taking small sections of existence and drawing them out into landscapes, first in photography under the name Zombling and then with images and sound under sp3ct3rs.

Netlabel: Petroglyph

Clayton Alpha – Korsakoff II (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Korsakoff II is the final part of the Korsakoff EP series. The main inspiration has been the Korsakoff Syndrome (a neurological disorder leading to gradual loss of memory) and the photographic work of Daniel Meade. When segments of memory vanish, something always takes their place; be it a smile that was never there or the warmth of a place we only thought that existed. These little details conclude to new stories, they are part of a lifetime we will never unravel.
Each track of Korsakoff should retain its own identity, while being a crucial part of a systematic whole.

Netlabel: Silent Flow

iaiko - Parts (FREE DOWNLOAD)

“It’s just a five parts of smooth and simple ambient loops created in one night session. I’ve tried to make music for resting, thinking, going to sleep, sky watching, to make nothing, etc. Music that don’t disturb in anything. Peaceful background sound.”

: Wabbed Hand

Cagey House – Stations Alive (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Cagey House has been releasing music since 2005.This music has always had an underlying pop cheeriness,but also a healthy disregard for structure and a fondness for abstraction.The tracks in Stations Alive show this by featuring melodies and rhythms which rise up out of the general chaos and then float away without any regard for verse or chorus. This produces an effect at once disorienting and engaging.

: Elegirl

PL433 – Quick and Rough (FREE DOWNLOAD)

PL433 arriva da Lugano con un carico pieno di OndeQuadre, Breakbeat sparati a mille su Beat Core e tanto suono Industriale vomitato da autobus presi quotidianamente per andare dove si deve andare, insomma ancora artisti sperimentosi che mescolano negli alambicchi del Laboratorio Ephedrina, buon ascolto e alzate il volume se potete.

Netlabel: Ephedrina

Skala Collective - Sleepy Dancing (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Sleepy Dancing, Skala Collective’s second album, this time with participation of a vocalist and in slightly different stylistics than ever before. Sound and style of the band, well-known from the previous album, have been transformed through more pop type filters which make new compositions more melodic and definitely less harsh than the previous ones. However space rock areas and rhythmic kraut massage are still easy to hear in that music. Gee’s vocals and lyrics have lent a sensual element of femininity. The whole, although comes from different music inspirations, forms a coherent album with occasionally a trance and hypnotic, sometimes even dance face. Skala Collective’s musicians define their production as post-pop.

Netlabel: Clinical Archives

Spangl / weinberger - memorial (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Spangl / weinberger - memorial (FREE DOWNLOAD)
Netlabel: Petroglyph Music

MonoLogue - perfect imperfection (FREE DOWNLOAD)

MonoLogue is a concept by Marie e le Rose, an italian multi instrumentalist from Firenze. Perfect imperfection is  "small sonata for humans and machines". The zip folder also contains a videoclip produced by Robert O'Donnell.

Netlabel: Laverna

Uros Tosic – Principles of Cosmicism (FREE DOWNLOAD)

The philosophy of cosmicism states that there is no recognizable divine presence, such as God, in the universe, and that humans are particularly insignificant in the larger scheme of intergalactic existence, and perhaps are just a small species projecting their own mental idolatries onto the vast cosmos, ever susceptible to being wiped from existence at any moment. This also suggested that the majority of undiscerning humanity are creatures with the same significance as insects in a much greater struggle between greater forces which, due to humanity’s small, visionless and unimportant nature, it does not recognize.

Netlabel: Zimmer Records


It gets even stranger when you realize that Joevs new EP Arc is not meant to be a sophisticated statement or a concept album. Instead, he simply wrote a letter. You know, like your parents did, to speak to someone dear and even more to themselves. The outcome is something heavy and haunting, carried by his Notwistesque voice and eventually broken by all sorts of distorted field recordings.

Netlabel: Unpiked

Saito Koji – Yes (FREE DOWNLOAD)

It is Saito Koji-time again. He worked with labels like Kokeshidisk, Somehow Recordings, SEM , taâlem, Magic Book Records, Kesh Recordings, Gears of Sand Recordings, Median Recordings and element perspective. And he already released eight previous releases via Resting Bell.

Netlabel: Resting Bell

Etterem - Dark Irish. Some Tunes (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Musical project by Francesco Vecchi from Milano, an already known artist in Nostress Netlabel with the moniker Jenseits. His new debut with the pseudonym Etterem is a project "soaked" with musicality and different genres and bravely places to live entirely together in an innovative and unusual mixture that himself defines Electro Dark Irish. Conjunctions and contamination of traditional music / popular (in this case Irish) and in a strong alliance with bravely and electronic psychedelia all mixed up with the key of the "loop" and "obsessive repetition." 

Netlabel: Nostress

abc100 - dirty dishes from a hostile cosmos (FREE DOWNLOAD)

abc100 is a Russian artist named Alexandr Sinyagin, tiptoes through the debris of post-modern electronica, from the previous release, you can listen on Bandcamp

I highly recommended it! √

Netlabel: Headphonica

Woodoo Tapes - Mixed Rituals (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Five tracks from the skunkhead Gianni Blob, opening the upcoming season from Aquietbump. 5 soft pillows or 5 finely brewed sleeping potions. Relax and pull down the sub crossover freq.

Netlabel: Aquietbump

Background Radiation - Uniform Static (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Background Radiation, is the electronic pop duo Ludo Maas & Tim Dwyer. Their sound sits somewhere nicely between Tunng and Apparat. They have been slowly amassing music for this full length album since 2008. "Uniform Static" is a collection new work that is their most engaging, polished yet. It is an extremely percussive album, sharing similarities with their "False Start ep". Electronic drums pulse and click along all twelve tracks. A lot the the instruments found on their "Moot Point ep" also make an appearance on this album. Many of the songs lyrics delve into ramblings of space, dreams, and memories.

Netlabel: No-Source

Ongaku2 - Short Stories (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Ongaku2 is a duo from Sardinia (Italy) that combinds the need to mix sound and silence with a resulting istant composition based on improvisation, experimentation and timbrical‐research. The duo is composed by Elia Casu (prepared guitars, electronics) and Paolo Sanna (drums, percussions, objects).

: La Bèl Netlabel


Sonologyst is a italian artist, from Naples. This project born in 2012, founded by RP, who was active at the beginning of 2000’ as Memorie Elettroniche Sonore (quit at the moment). The perpetual experiment on sound is the base of this project, looking back to early experimentation of Fifties and Sixties with Stockhausen, Ferrari, Parmegiani, Subotnik Nono explorations, forward to the future possibilities of electronic and electro-acoustic instruments, with a special attention to the relationships between music and human sciences and arts. 

Netlabel: Editora do Porto

Co-Op - This Machine Kills Fascists (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Toronto based producer Co-Op (aka Oreste Camarra) is known for his innovative groove-based house tracks. His free form live performances and in-the-moment jam sessions involving a number of Co-Op contributors, transforms into becoming well executed, polished house voyages. Oreste’s lush brand of house develops slowly and reflects the eclectic and elastic nature of Co-Op.

Netlabel: Basic Sounds


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