Statiq Cradle - Polarity Ep (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Polarity EP is a piece of world, where a black side is suddenly chnged by coloured rainbow. The place, where the ocean of happiness is sunk into the dust of melancholy. You have a great chance to explore it and set tunes in your ears in the different manner. (Words from Melodica).

Netlabel: Melodica

Kosta T – Hopelessness (FREE DOWNLOAD)

‘Hopelessness’ is a collection of violin improvisations accompanied with accordion, cello and some others. The sound is permeated with deep dramatic melancholia as well as the feeling of something old, yet familiar. This release could be a great soundtrack to a film noir or a world war movie. (Words from Silent Flow).

Netlabel: Silent Flow

Prenzlauer Berg - Fort Fairfield (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Prenzlauer Berg is what you get when you boil down Berlin Night Express, late nights at Mikkeller Bar, traveling, sleep deprivation, nerve-wracking evenings at Rambergsvallen, staring at white walls in random budget hotel rooms, childish idol worship and help from Malmös finest siblings the Lamberths.
(Words from Acustronica).

Netlabel: Acustronica

Drehton - Sukzessive (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Up down high low, down down, hi hi hi, gradually, successively, step by step. Change!
Signals from Dresden's IDM underground. Drehton was rocking his bass and midi guitar to bring a full length album for your spring time enjoyness with this blend of finest Indietronica IDM. (Words from Phonocake).

Netlabel: Phonocake

​Pornophonik​ - Archives​ 2 (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Pornophonik is back with his unique style, something around IDM with natural sounds, you can call it 'Toytronica'.../... Unclassifiable. (words from Pavillon36 recordings).

Netlabel: Pavillon36 Recordings

Myosotis - Too Little Too Late (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Myosotis is an ambient duo from the Netherlands. Amandus and Evert have been making music together for around 3-4 years now, at first solely guitars and piano. As of last year they have started producing ambient music together because of a mutual interest for ambient, which they entitled the Myosotis project. First intentions of a duo were to create "two sides of the same coin", which would include Light as well as Dark ambiences, and to combine the two.
"Too Little Too Late" is a second full-length album of Myosotis. It's a light ambient release where a few older tracks are combined with recent works, creating various dimensions between ideas and soundscapes. (Words from Hidden Vibes).

Netlabel: Hidden Vibes

Hum - Home Music (FREE DOWNLOAD)

New release for the Russian netlabel

Netlabel: Picpack

Fields of Ohio — s/t (FREE DOWNLOAD) N° 900

Post number 900 for Yo! We have arrived at this milestone by sharing a really cool album recorded in Ohio and New York City. Vocals, Guitar, Banjo and Loops by Christine Annarino. Keyboards, Bass, Beats & Sounds by Eddie Palmer. This album uses samples in the public domain.

Netlabel: Haze

Knight Call – Battle Cat EP (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Dystopiaq is proud to release the new EP from Knight Call. Battle Cat EP is filled with dark atmospheres, moody textures and tight beats. (Words from Dystopiaq).

Netlabel: Dystopiaq

Janne Nummela - Kosmoskalevala (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Janne Nummela (born 1973) is a Finnish multi-artist who has previously been recognized as a poet and a painter. Now released double album Kosmoskalevala represents, in its electronic and eclectic sound landscapes, the artist?s tendency towards experimental, lyrical abstraction and polyfonic compositions. Nummela approaches his music in the same way as his previous collection of poems and an art exhibitions, where every segment participates in constituting the artwork as a whole. Fully produced at a home studio, Kosmoskalevala has its own peculiar atmosphere, where multi-dimensional cinematic sample sounds, instrumental sounds, as well as recorded concrete sounds all come together. (Words from Enough Records).

Netlabel: Enough Records

Quiet Sun - Flicker and Fade EP (FREE DOWNLOAD)

This is the second EP, following the release of 'Three Colours White' in 2012. This is a project that he pursued whilst studying at university. The EP was made mostly with samples that were cut and manipulated to a desired effect. The intention was to create something textured and atmospheric.

Netlabel: Totokoko label

Amygdala - Pillars Of Creation (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Amygdala is the stage name of László Néder from Hungary.
He has been playing the guitar for 20 years and is a member of a rockband, but he started to making electric music first time just for the living room.
In 2008 he began to make live acts and debut in clubs of Budapest, and in 2010 on biggest festival of Hungary (Sziget Fesztivál, Cöxpón Ambient sátor).
His style is a mix of ambient, experimental, drone and electronic music. He lives in the countryside and inspirded by the nature. Nowadays, he compose music for short document films and industrial videos as well. (Words from BFW Recordings).

Netlabel: BFW Recordings

Oreinoi - Hikikomori (FREE DOWNLOAD)

"Hikikomori is a journey into solitude, the place where are produced amazing landscapes and monsters more frightening than any living being can imagine. Some animals can' t live alone they must live in herds but those who wander outside of that context and tackles an unexplored territory that the constantly is able to opacify reborn, thanks to intense adventures and experiences outside the ordinary. Hikikomori is a work of great emotional impact, marked by moments of sweet harmony and crazy rhythmic jarring and fragmented." (Words from Brusio Netlabel).

Netlabel: Brusio

Tardiss - Thisistar (FREE DOWNLOAD)

"It's great to welcome back Tardiss to No-Source with their brand new album, "Thisistar." This album picks up where "Blue" left off, further refining their sound into something that full bridges lo-fi indietronic and hi-fi IDM. The album kicks off with the over nine minute sprawling epic "Willbury Road." Downtempo beats are the center stage for this album. Long rhythmic grooves intersect with short interludes before fading out in the last few minutes of the album with the majestic ambient piece "Goodnight Sunrise." (Words from No-source).

Netlabel: No-source

Mircanto - L'arte di comporre fiori (FREE DOWNLOAD)

"Dopo il successo di Esercizi di Statica, i bergamaschi Mircanto tornano per diffondere il loro folk malinconico con questo intenso EP. Come l'ikebana (arte di comporre fiori) giapponese, la musica dei Mircanto trasuda concentrazione, misura, ritualità, cura, pacatezza. L'opera vanta al suo interno anche una suggestiva cover di Japanese to English, indimenticabile gioiello dei Red House Painters. L'arte di comporre fiori è la colonna sonora perfetta per i sognatori crepuscolari che attendono l'arrivo della primavera". 

Netlabel: ViVeriVive

Lyndsie Alguire - After Image (FREE DOWNLOAD)

The days are numbered before Lyndsie Alguire really starts popping up in our daily lives. Her evocative sounds and deep storytelling teeter on the edge of pop and experimental music, permitting Lyndsie to drench her sweet, simple and delicate melodies into heavy static and profound, complex layers of field-recordings. Her compositions wash over you like a fresh beam of spring morning light, showcasing the minute particles of dust floating into the day.
This also marks the first release of our new series ‘ The Fold ‘. All music will be totally free to download but you can also contribute to the Camomille label group project and buy the limited edition Poster + CDR release, this time featuring photography by the ever talented Sofia Ajram. (Words from Camomille).

Netlabel: Camomille


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