Cullllt - Attached (FREE DOWNLOAD)

"Attached" is the first release by the young Zurich based artist Cullllt. It mainly consists of improvisations (except “Attached“) which were made during a period of 2 months using cassette tapes, different objects, a casio and yamaha keyboard in combination with different effects as well as field recordings which were recorded live during the process. The improvisations originally had a length up to 40 minutes, of which a short passage was chosen and slightly edited to fit the album. (Words from Cullllt).


Gorgonops – Antelikteram (FREE DOWNLOAD)

"Gorgonops is an extinct genus of therapsid which lived about 255-250 million years ago, during the latest part of the Permian Period. It was a typical representative of the suborder Gorgonopsia, the dominant predators of their day, which in the largest forms grew to over four metres long. Gorgonops possessed highly developed, 12-cm long “sabre” canine teeth, similar to those found in sabre-toothed cats in the Cenozoic. Arguments have even been made for therapsids of its time being endothermic, though no strong evidence exists either way. All of the gorgonopsids are believed to have died out in the Permian extinction." (Words from shrammka).

Netlabel: Shrammaka Recordings

mod2&nino – Panic Panam EP (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Paris is also called Paname, mod2&nino are deeply influenced by this city and its suburbs.The music has definitely the French touch: refined, sophisticated and developing in elegant structures. Jazz elements with a minimal approach characterize the music of this brilliant duo, and the result are very contemporary tracks with a strong personal identity. mod2&nino play with spaces, tension and release, the music is intense but breathes. This release features inspired remixes by Storlon, Three Angles and Andres Marcos, evidencing other aspects of the original material. (Words from Wondermachine).
Netlabel: Wondermachine

Stealing Orchestra - Deliverance (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Originally released in CD in 2011. 3rd full length by Stealing Orchestra. After seven years, Stealing Orchestra gain new life and announce their return with their third feature-length album, DELIVERANCE. The new album contains nine brand new tracks and celebrates the 10th anniversary of the band's netlabel You Are Not Stealing Records.

Netlabel: You Are Not Stealing Records

Ilkobra - Kunst Macht Frei (FREE DOWNLOAD)

The art and the music. A music mades up of art. The musical art. Sostanze Records is proud to announce the return by IlKobra with the brand new release Kunst Macht Frei. Since by the title itself you can realize the will by the producer to stress the pureness of sounds, sending a clear message to who did not get yet how producing music is a source of personal evolution through which it is possible to express own feelings. In the six bomb tracks the Roman artist gives as a gift to our indie net-label, the producer comes back to his background characterized by hard sounds mixed with dubstep patterns, without forgetting the charge of his drum ‘n’ bass style that made him famous to the audience. Mystic sounds give the time to complex tracks, such as My Religion, which revenge the degeneration of the modern musical and cultural society, fucked up by the commercial music. Make yourself comfortable, since from the first listening you’ll live an extrasensorial experience. IlKobra is back. Stronger than bombs. (Words from Sostanze Records).

Netlabel: Stostanze Records

Album In A Day - Volume 6 (FREE DOWNLOAD)

"On Saturday 25th May 2013, musicians from around the world each wrote and recorded a complete new song, from scratch in one day. The next day, these songs were collected and put together as this album. The day after that, the album will be released as a free download! There is a whole range of music - ambient, folk, glitchy electronica, indie and everything in between. Remember, none of the music on this album existed before Saturday 25th May 2013. A big thank you to everyone who contributed to this project - music, art and support. Enjoy, the album. Share it with your friends in the knowledge that we will be doing this all over again in a few months!" (Words from BFW Recordigns).

Netlabel: BFW Recordings

Mario Guida - FlussoSottile (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Musician and electrical engineer, Mario Guida is an italian sound works composer from Bologna, exclusively electronic templates, tools and technology languages user. His own sound language basically is formed by a connection between improvisation and real-time manipulation of sounds and analog and digital algorithmics musical structures as introspective environment. (Words from Batenim)

Netlabel: Batenim

Idga - Horror Pleni (FREE DOWNLOAD)

"Horror Pleni is experimental techno in contemporary form of minimalism, between Actress and Four Tet, but it crumbles in the subsoil or better in underworld red as blood. The album carries the listener in psychedelic fogs and isolate atmospheres, while the incessant advance of 4/4 gets more granitic. The moving through the nine tracks is made by stable and inescapable steps, between clear and obsessive visions of the past and noising dreams for men from the future. Mind is free to fly, while body slides through seediest part of hell..." (Words from 51 beats).

Netlabel: 51 beats


It’s that time again. Youri Tkatchenko aka TkY has his next album at the start. Catched ideas are reflected in 10 new tracks. The album goes definitely the way to Deep House. Also techno, drum & bass to trip hop elements are included. A very fine album that primarily draws its power and authenticity from the stylistic sound design. One can recognize the handwriting always and everywhere in these continuous successful tracks.

(Words from Gargan Records).

Netlabel: Gargan Records

McGuffin Electric - Brightelephant (FREE DOWNLOAD)

“Brightelephant” is a collection of sinking, memories, human bodies, battleships and battlekisses. And elephants, of course. Each of the 7 pieces in it is as abstract as it is concrete. Old-fashioned sounds for modern, turmoil, times. Halting, skeletal and serious-less chamber music for irrational listeners. (Words from Acustronica).

Netlabel: Acustronica

Desh Alb - Episodes (FREE DOWNLOAD)

"Desh Alb Project was born at the beginning of 2013. He mainly propose dark ambient, but more generally electronic music composed with virtual synth and iPad. His music is moving between light and dark, in a place where suggested melodies melt in the dissonance of the pure noise. Everday recordings mix with deep space sounds, complex landscapes apparently so remote but living in our subcounscious."

Netlabel: Petroglyph Music

[c.a.t.h.a.r.s.i.s] — The World In Different Perspective (FREE DOWNLOAD)

"Its our expressions of feelings thru music. All tracks were recorded by using an acoustic piano. Plus, there's no additional instrument during the recording & all are purely piano sound. The backmasking technique that we used is one of our way to produce a distinguished sound. Arts of backmasking is always mesmerized us & we used it as our music identity as well". (Words from Haze)

Netlebel: HAZE

Biga - B Sides (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Biga is a DJ, producer and vinyl collector, hailing from Florence, Italy. His music is a blend of new and old, contemporary and vintage. There are no barriers in his selections, apart from maintaining the same attitude he’s had during the past decade: never stop following the newest evolutions of music coming from Europe and the US and keep the sound of DJ sets and productions fresh and up­to­date. Massive international record digging during the last years has assisted his endeavors years has assisted his endeavors. (Words from Memoryformat).

Netlabel: Memoryformat

Kopfklang - Kammermusik & Metablues (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Kopfklang returns from his leisurely cruise through Filterwunderland and gives us his own idiosyncratic electronic take on chamber music and the blues. Huge soundscapes of fat analogue synthesis wash over the listener accompanied by crispy electronic beats. (Words from Fwonk).

Netlabel: Fwonk

Bakers At Dawn - You Must Hide Your Love Forever (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Bakers At Dawn is Marcus Sjöland, who lives in Malmö, Sweden, where he works in a record store and spends most of his remaining waking hours obsessing about or playing music. He lists among his influences The Freed Weed collection by Sebadoh, Graham Coxton, Eric’s Trip, and Neutral Milk Hotel.  In fact it was after discovering the latter’s song “Everything Is”, and listening to it repeat, that he got inspired to write music of his own. (Words from Peppermill).

Label: Peppermill Records

Bottlesmoker – Hypnagogic (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Indonesia’s bottlesmoker have been taking the free music scene by storm with fun live shows and their extremely melodic and pleasant music. If you are a fan of the music from Adventure Time, this is definitely for you. (Words from Dystopiaq).

Netlabel: Dystopiaq

Niteffect - Vista EP (FREE DOWNLOAD)

The Master is back, and rings with "Vista EP" out for summer! Skillfully sensitive sweeps the music on our cheeks as beguiling Grass scent tickles the nose. The campfire crackles in the background somewhere and we are floating on a cloud above it all... (Words translated from Kreislauf).

: Kreislauf

Matthias Boss & André D - Violins for bass (FREE DOWNLOAD)

"There’s nothing wrong with Camomille’s humble beginnings : basement dwellers with laptops, software and the occasional field recording sculpting electronic music from the ground up. Still today we value that sort of creativity. But when you come face to face with music created by the likes of Swiss and French duo Matthias Boss & André D., the word free music takes on a whole other meaning. Their improvisations are gusts of smoke and fire : poetic and free of shackles, they disperse and overtake. Violent, refined and steady.
When Camomille was launched 12 years ago, i envisioned a place where we could exchange marginal music that was heavy with content in an attempt to exchange with listeners and musicians. I’m very proud that today we are able to release such a beautiful proposition by equally grand musicians within the Camomille ideals". (Words from Camomille).

Netlabel: Camomille

Noa:maR - Welcome to Palestine (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Electroacoustic duo formed, under the endless rain of the Costa da Morte (Spain), in 2009 withNiet F-n and B.K. Uvión, an experimental musician of galician origins. "Welcome to Palestine" is an album with rarefied melodies, loops, glitches, field recordings, noises and microsounds merge together to create extemporaneous sonics ambients. Guitar, violin, synth and different objects are treated with pedals and effects or with laptop to elaborate the sound and transform the spaces. (Words from Batenim).


Rocambonux - Observer Le Veau Tourner (FREE DOWNLOAD)

"Rocambonux sounds like A childi-sh chines-ish geek that chooses to shred jazz, moog, hip hop beats, classical ensemble and eighties synth, in a very cinematographic way, working for some unexpected reborn Jacques Tatie's movies. Prokofiev meets modern hip hop in a very clever way, and you can feel this is not some plumber-sampling shit, this is widely open, from silly to very smart, original and well mixed together, like : yeah, music can also product that ! and it actually works. From Hard rock to Free-jazz, it can brings you in some sort ofhappy-zombie-samba to a punk-ish bathroom ska. This is totally modern Dada, but there is grain, distortion, slight and well-measured, that gives you that feeling that it is still only a game." (Words from Vatican Records).

Netlabel: Vaatican Records

Kasahara Shunichi - Tender is the night (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Here’s a brand new EP by the misterious japanese beat wizard Kasahara Shunichi"Tender is the night" isn’t an EP to dip into whenever you please. It’s an EP to completely immerse yourself in from beginning to end. It’s a release that requires, and rightfully deserves, your full attention for every single one of its modest twenty-four minutes. Kasahara Shunichi is definitely a worthwhile addition for anyone who enjoys relaxing electronic music or chill-wave music. Fans of Boards of Canada will surely enjoy what he has created here. (Words from MIMI).

Netlabel: MiMi Records

William Spivey - Opal Sun (FREE DOWNLOAD)

"Opal Sun (waag_rel022) by William Spivey is my kind of ambient electronic music. It is deeply immersive and engaging… ensnaring me from the first listen. I find it particularly endearing first thing in the morning or late at night … it complements stillness very, very well. (Words from Weareallghosts). 

Netlabel: Weareallghosts

Zeus Scientist – ZEUS LP (FREE DOWNLOAD)

ZEUS LP is the first collection of sounds that were discovered by the Zeus Scientist Research Group, led by physicist Eric Rogers at Princeton University from 1942 until 1971. The twelve sounds which can be heard are in chronological order, dating back to the 19th century. Strange as it seems, ZEUS LP follows musical structures that were completely ahead of its time. How could these sounds be made? Who made them? And why would someone do that? (Words from Djummi).

Netlabel: Djummi Records

Cortex - Cinico Romantico (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Enrico Cortellino, aka Cortex, is an Italian musician, singer, songwriter. 2007 he released his early psychedelic and poetic album "Cortex" produced by collective Arab Sheep. 2008 Cortex took part to International Music Contest Tourmusicfest, and he was rewarded by Mogol himself, who is the most famous lyricist in Italy since the 60's. 2010 - 2011 Cortex made some self productions for the web. 2013 album "Cinico Romantico" counts few but strong elements, such as a 30's old jazz guitar, a valvestate amplifier, harmonica and piano tunes. (Words from Clinical Archives).

Netlabel: Clinical Archives

Spirit In Eternal Pain - Le Royaume Froid (FREE DOWNLOAD)

This project extends beyond the conciousness and psyche of a normal human being, the main goal of svartblod, the creator of this project, is to take the listener to an abstract and beautiful world. It started out in early 2012 as a black ambient project but in late 2012 changed it's genre to Black Metal.
(Words from Infernus Abyssum).

Netlabel: Infernus Abyssum


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